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I recently made my first sheet cake–very exciting! The cake was for a joint birthday party for my high school friend Alyssa and her boyfriend Tom. The concept was to have one side represent Alyssa and one side represent Tom, but to have the two sides come together as one cake. I think you can figure out for yourselves whose was whose. I had never made a sheet cake before. It wasn’t much harder than a small cake, but, boy, was that thing huge. I think I had to multiply the recipe times six. It was a LOT of cake.

Speaking of cake, you might want to know what was in this thing, huh? The cake was red velvet. It was filled with chocolate ganache and frosted in buttercream with fondant accents. I was pretty happy with the way it came out (as, I hope, were they!) and it was an overall good experience.

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Here’s my latest cake! It’s kind of an inside joke, but I think you can enjoy it even without the backstory:

It’s a giant cannoli! With a “Welcome to New Jersey” highway sign, which has a cereal treat interior and is covered in green fondant. The cake itself is half chocolate, half vanilla. The frosting is a very light cream cheese buttercream. There are nice big chocolate chips on the end (to make it a chocolate chip cannoli) and the “shell” is rolled out fondant.

It also had sparklers on top, which, yes, I did light. I think Duff would be proud 🙂

Anyway, I haven’t done a ton of 3-D carved cakes before, so I was a little nervous making this, but I was really happy with the way it came out and thought I’d share it with you all. Hope you like it as much as I do!


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