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Is there ever such thing as too much chocolate? Is it overkill to make a dense chocolate cake with rich chocolate frosting, creamy chocolate filling, and sweet chocolate covered crunchies on the outside? Personally, I don’t think so.

I have had a chocolate obsession since the womb. Every birthday for the first eighteen years of my life, I made myself a double chocolate cake with a variety of toppings. I have been known to devour truffles, inhale fudge, and eat molten ganache straight up. Nothing to me–and I mean nothing–can achieve that dreaded rumored level of “too much chocolate” that my mother is always going on about. However, I do concede that, were such a horrible myth indeed a truth, that these two cakes might just be examples of chocolate overload–proceed with caution!


Cake 1: Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Cake
(Pictured above)

This heavenly creature is, essentially, Ferraro Rocher candy in cake form. I made the Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Cake for my Dad, a fellow chocolate junkie, for his birthday last month.

To make this cake, first bake two layers of your favorite chocolate cake and let them cool. If you want a really elegant cake, you can go ahead and torte them (a fancy word for cutting the layers in half horizontally). For this cake, I used the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s cocoa powder–but I used the dark cocoa powder so it was nearly excessively chocolatey, which is just the way I like it and, from a practical standpoint, contrasts a little better with the frosting. I filled the cake with a jar of Nutella, but I’d recommend using two next time, or at least getting the larger jar, because it only made thin layers. I then covered the cake in a milk chocolate ganache (see here for more info on ganache-making–it’s easier than it looks!), reserving the extra for last-minute touch-ups, and packed chopped hazelnuts around the sides. I would highly recommend toasting the hazelnuts, which I didn’t do, and then grinding them in your food processor to a slightly finer texture, though if you don’t have the equipment for such an endeavor or don’t have the time, raw and coarse are fine too.


Brownie Cake with Homemade Chocolate-Covered English Toffee



This cake was, as are many good cakes, simply a “just because” cake. My boyfriend and I had a chicken parmigiana dinner a few weeks ago, something I promised after we salavated over the fancy chicken parm offerings on the finale of MasterChef earlier in the week. I wanted to make something nice for dessert, and I knew that if anyone could appreciate this chocolate monstrosity with me, it would be Steve.

I got the idea for this cake from blogger Annie’s Eats, who made her version with an espresso marscarpone filling and an espresso whipped cream. I love espresso as much as the next girl, but that still didn’t seem like enough chocolate for me. So I decided to frost the dense, chewy-yet-fudgy brownie layers with chocolate fudge frosting. And then cover it in homemade dark chocolate covered toffee. You are perfectly welcome to buy store-bought Heath or Skor bits, but both contain almonds and I wanted to explore a nut-free toffee option, which, ultimately, meant making it myself. Steve’s mom described the cake as “sinful,” which I suppose is quite a natural reaction to have when eating it if, unlike me, your brain isn’t exploding and shouting, “FINALLY! This is getting close to too much chocolate!”

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