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And  birthday month continues! In the interest of full disclosure, it’s actually over–I’m just a little backlogged. There is still one more cake installment coming for sure, and it’s chocolately and delicious. But to matters at hand: ice cream cake! I usually start planning the cakes for birthday month around the time school gets out. It’s not so much an organizational thing as one part excitement and one part fear I’ll only be able to come up with something lame and generic and fail as a birthday cake maker. When I make a cake for someone, I really try my hardest to capture their essence in sugar form. I’m highly disappointed when I can’t. 

This cake definitely screamed Chandler. Both my sisters work at a local ice cream shop over the summer, but whereas Chelsea kind of stumbled into the job, working at this particular shop was Chandler’s life goal from about age five. Needless to say, she’s enthusiastic about ice cream. What makes this cake so Chandler, however, are the flavors: cookie dough and Oreo. And, regardless, it’s just a fun combination, excellent for indulging your inner child. The decorations are piped buttercream. It’s a little hard to get things to stick, as they freeze instantly, yet seem to repel the actual cake (see uneven boarder piping!), but it all came out in the end. With a little work (very little, actually, if you opt to use softened store-bought ice cream in place of your own)you can have your own ice cream cake that kicks Carvel and Friendly’s or any other chain’s ice cream cake’s butts. I promise it is worth it. 


Homemade Ice Cream Cake

  1. In your ice cream maker, make the first flavor ice cream you wish to use in your cake (this will be the bottom layer). When ice cream is finished, pour into 10″ springform pan and cover with crushed Oreo cookies or prefered “crunch” layer. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze
  2. Re-freeze bowl of ice cream maker and make your second flavor. Pour on top of first layer, replace plastic wrap, and return to freezer for at least two hours, or until both layers are rock solid.
  3. Carefully remove sides of springform pan, running a little hot water along the edge if cake threatens to crack or otherwise has trouble separating from the metal. Decorate quickly using whipped cream, buttercream, sprinkles, or any other decorations of your choice. Freeze until serving time.

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