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We are getting closer and closer to the season finale! I’ll be sad to see the competition to end, but it’s all very exciting nonetheless. The only bad thing is that I now really, really like all of the remaining contestants. I’m going to be so sad to see them gradually eliminated.

On that note: Brianna has become the most recent competitor to be eliminated from the competition. I can’t say I’m all that sad to see her go. She was clearly a phenomenal cook, but she lacked the personality to be a star. And, to be honest, she kind of scared the crap out of me. I had a feeling that her number was up this week, so the decision didn’t come as a surprise in the least. What I was really surprised about this week was Arti’s poor performance and, consequently, placement in the bottom two. You knew she wouldn’t be eliminated, but, as the competition nears a close, no one is safe any more. She’s really going to have to step it up and regain her confidence in order to be safe next week. I wish her well.

But Arti wasn’t this week’s biggest surprise–that honor goes to Brad and his unusually stellar performance. Brad is adorable. As I think I mentioned last week, he reminds me of a little puppy dog, something I mean to be a compliment. He’s sweet and I’ve really wanted to like him. But every time the camera turns on, he loses all his sparkle. Not the case this week! Brad really turned up the charm, starting with the camera challenge, where he pulled off his assignment to make Bachelorette Party food with humor and charisma. Then, at the star challenge, he really channelled Frank Sinatra, former owner of the Palm Springs estate where this week’s challenge took place, and charmed the guest judges and selection committee alike. He clearly has the culinary chops. If he keeps this up, he’s one to watch in this competition.

Bye, bye Brianna--Brianna becomes the latest contestant eliminated from Food Network's The Next Food Network Star (All photos courtesy of foodnetwork.com)

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