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Meet the cake and cupcakes from my second ever paid gig! My mom’s high school class recently celebrated their 30th reunion. They were looking for a special dessert, my mom recommended me for the job, and a cupcake tower was born! I wish I had pictures of the whole tower for you, but I haven’t even seen them yet, as they are on my m0m’s camera.


The whole projected ended up being a 4-tier cupcake tower with 100 cupcakes and a 6″ round cake for the top. The cupcakes are a mixture of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and the topper is chocolate cake with raspberry filling. The CPHS colors are red, black, and white and we thought the polka dot wrapper and red and white frosting would be a fun way to incorporate them. The cupcakes are dusted with a little white sparkling sugar.


Aesthetically, I was quite pleased with the way everything turned out. Taste-wise… I could have been happier. My parents reported that the flavor got rave reviews, but I wasn’t 100% pleased. The chocolate were good–I used my go-to Hershey’s recipe, but I used a vanilla recipe from Martha Stewart that was just kind of bland and uninteresting. I will definitely go back to the Smitten Kitchen recipe I used for my graduation cakes next time.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these photos. Happy 30th reunion!

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